What to remember before betting on canoe racing

Today gambling market is overloaded with offers, but how to find out the most beneficial ones? The answer is clear – pay attention to less popular disciplines. Though canoe racing is strongly associated with something too dull and difficult to understand, the truth is opposite. In the article we will try to describe the crucial aspects of the sport to understand to get profit.

What is canoe racing about?

This is considered an aristocratic sport, but even its recognition as an Olympic discipline has not brought it much international attention and popularity. Like many other sports, it has its origins in Great Britain, where the oldest rowing competitions from the early 19th century are still held every year. There athletes from all around the world participate, moreover, you can find special tournaments set between prestigious universities of Cambridge and Oxford.

Which kinds of canoe racing should be considered?

However, the discipline is quite young, there are several general kinds, such as:

  • canoe racing (itself);
  • canoe slalom;
  • canoe sprint;
  • extreme canoeing;
  • etc.

So what types of bets are represented here?

In short, gamesters are free to bet on:

  • the winner (it’s the common stake, where there is a need to conduct a careful analysis of all the paddlers, compare their times results shown previously and also evaluate the performance of each of them in order to forecast the one who is going to get victory);
  • the trophy;
  • the exact medal distribution (this is one of the most unpredictable, as it indicates which participant will win, which will be second and which will be third);
  • the top participants (it is a stake where you have to choose three or five runners to share the top three places in the race);
  • etc.

Where to bet on such racing?

Because of the quite low popularity of the discipline as a betting sport, try to find the biggest and, of course, legal bookmakers to count on. The market is not so wide, so there are many illegal offices, where you may be deceived. Select carefully.

So how to lead betting on canoe racing?

Indeed, to guarantee success no strategies can be found. However, to reduce the risk of losing and to increase the chances of winning it’s better to use proven mathematical models.
Successful canoe betting can be achieved with so-called flat gambling strategy, which means a flat stake for any event. In this case, you rely on your own knowledge and ability to apply it correctly to the prediction. This way you will save the bankroll – the fixed stake limits the amount of money you can both win and lose.
Also mind overtaking, especially in multi-stage races, as the series is longer and you can gamble on more than one lap in a row. Pick an outcome – for example, a specific team or paddler- and try to bet on winning or placing in the top three.