Betting on canoe racing or how to earn extras on hobby

Canoe racing is pretty good for betting, because if you stake on well-known competitions, you have really high chances to win. As not many gamesters pay attention to rowing sports, it is much easier to become an expert and succeed here than in popular sports, such as soccer or hockey. To be ahead of the game, let’s overview the key points of it.

Betting on canoe racing – types of offers

If you have decided to dig into the case – first of all, consider the types of stakes. Usually bookmakers offer these main outcomes:

  • on the winner;
    It’s a bet placed on the athlete or the team supposed to win the competition.
  • on the top three paddlers;
    Bookmakers also accept stakes on all three participants, which are placed simultaneously (in any order). Your task is only to predict them.
  • on the exact place of the participant;
    For example, you may bet that your favorite will finish second at the end of the event. No changes can be made here.
  • on the losing paddler (paddlers) who is not going to enter the next stage;
    If the tournament is multi-stage, you can gamble on the fact that at the end of the event some participants will not advance to the next stage.
  • etc.

How to analyze canoe racing for betting?

There are many features of canoeing you need to know, especially the rules of the sport.
Here physical endurance is important. The more paddlers are in the team, the better the performance is, but in single canoe racing, athletes tend to break down.
Also, an athlete’s bad mood can affect the result, but if in team discipline it may just affect the course of the race, then in individual one it will definitely mean failure.
That’s why it’s crucial for athletes to be in good shape during a major tournament, but it doesn’t always work out as planned. From the first tournament events, you may analyze who is in a better or in a worse shape, so as to distinguish and forecast the future winners.
In addition, there is a need to take into account the paddlers’ previous performance, their positions in the standings, weather conditions, the level of the tournament and participants, and more.

Betting on canoe racing – general recommendations

As not many internet sources provide sufficient information about canoeing, if you want to learn a little more about it than the average gambler, you need to actively use the specialized British betting forums. There you will find lively discussions about upcoming tournaments and current news.
For new freshers it is better not to stake on extreme canoe racing, since the outcome is often unexpected. There are many nuances that affect the outcome, so don’t rely solely on statistical indicators.

All in all – how to succeed in canoe racing betting?

Just feel free both to enjoy the process and to broaden your horizons. Don’t accept gambling as a too serious occupation, lighten up to losing, because nobody can always win. Just relax and bet!