Basics of canoe racing betting

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Today canoe racing is not an exotic thing anymore. The sport is well-examined and millions of fans all around the world are crazy about it. When anything gains popularity, the business comes in, that’s why there is no wonder why along with canoeing, such betting has been developed. Let’s try to figure out the crucial points of the discipline and the main features of so-called betting.

What is canoe racing about?

Canoe racing has long had the status of a noble sport, but even after being included in the Olympic program, it has not developed significantly. The first competitions were held in Great Britain, the birthplace of rowing – the big brother of the sport.
It may seem that canoe racing is not popular for betting, but there are some remarks to say. Although the market is still developing, it’s better to pay attention to the discipline out now.
Actually, canoe racing is primarily a straight-line race. Organizers can sometimes change the course by adding turns, making the course more difficult, and increasing the distance. The distance can vary from 200 to 1000 meters in a straight line to 5000 meters in a turn. The competition format varies: there can be one competitor, two or four paddlers.
What is important to mention, the boats are not standardized, but are divided into classes by the number of paddlers allowed. For example, for one , for two, and for four paddlers in. Canoes are slightly heavier for one and two paddlers, the length of the boats is the same.
Why do you need to know such a particularity? The reason is that whether it’s a team or individual work the result may vary, as the number of factors to consider increases. For instance, to properly analyze the team you must examine the statistics and previous performance of two athletes at least and forecast how both sportsmen will cooperate and communicate. Every trifle is crucial for betting.

Which types of stakes can be found for canoe racing betting?

Usually bookmakers don’t try to specify exotic offers, thus gamesters are free to gamble on:

  • the winner of the whole race;
    The principle of the winner determining is simple – best time results judge who finishes as the leader or at least in the top three at the end of the dive. Here the odds of winning the event are high, so winning on such a bet means good cash to benefit with.
    the withdrawal or disqualification;
    It’s a quite special offer, not to be found at every bookmaker. Sometimes paddlers are disqualified from the race, and gamesters are also supposed to stake on this. The probability of disqualification happening is very high, but predicting someone’s failure is not that easy. So if you are an inexperienced sports gambler, don’t start with such a stake.
  • the team that will not go to the next round;
    This offer applies to competitions of various levels. Your task is to bet that a particular team will not advance to the next round. How to forecast it? Use the stats of previous events and keep an eye on how the racer (or racers) performs throughout the current event.
  • the last place candidate;
    If you are sure that exactly one of the participants will be a loser, don’t waste the moment and gain from it.
  • the first two or three places in any order;
    Here gamesters must figure out who of the qualifiers can take the first two or three places. It’s a tough bet, to be honest, but it has the highest odds, so that you may win the biggest amount of money. In the case you are well-proficient in canoe racing and are sure that you can accurately predict such a sequence, this is the perfect betting option for you.
  • etc.

Which canoe racing betting particularities to count on?

As we have already mentioned, canoeing is still gathering its popularity in sports betting, thus the market is constantly changing and developing.
For now not all sports bookmakers are free to offer a wide range of stakes, so the line-up becomes a weak point for the offices while analyzing the event, in other words, they have the same information to use as the gamblers. Therefore, the bookmakers are often wrong about the odds, and the experienced canoe racing fan who has been watching these sports events for a long time will have no trouble recognizing this gap and making even more precise forecasts, than offices. It’s a pretty good option to use when betting.
However, keep your mind cold and don’t forget about choosing a reliable bookmaker, because otherwise you won’t take advantage, but will probably lose your money, as ilegal agencies tend to cancel bets when they get it’s not profitable for them.
Also the main difficulty for a gambler in canoe racing betting is the lack of video materials to analyze the performance of teams or single paddlers. The rules of the sport are not hard to find, but the practice is more difficult: the discipline is covered worldwide only during the Summer Olympics. On the contrary the solution is found – many international sports channels and bookies offer broadcasting, which can help significantly. Mind the season too, as there are no competitions in winter, for instance.
Canoeing is an ongoing sport, the betting niche is quite small, but on the Internet there are definitely millions of fans of the discipline. Therefore, you can join forces and together try to achieve good results in the staking area. You can use analysis and strategies of all kinds to make a profit.

To sum up: so how to succeed in canoe racing betting?

The answer is obvious – just study a lot and always discover something new. This is an uncredible sport, but to benefit from gambling on it you must search for opportunities permanently. Of course, it may sound too difficult, but, believe, with such huge odds applied it’s worth the cost.