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Briefly about Data Management

The website is operated by the Hungarian Canoe Federation.

Visiting, reading news, articles, and watching videos and photo gallery on the website are not currently connected to registration, so we do not collect or store any personal data or information about visitors.

In order to protect our IT systems and/or to avoid possible errors, we will store your IP address and the URLs of the visited pages on our web server when you visit our website. This information will not be forwarded to third parties and will only be accessible to our webmaster administrators. These data will be automatically and permanently deleted from the system after 3 months. These data are handled by the Hungarian Canoe Federation.

However, for statistical purposes, an anonymized, generalized data is collected by Google Analytics. We will not forward any personal data to Google Analytics, even your IP address in an anonymized version (the last part of the IP address will not be sent; more information: ). In addition, the system of Google Analytics can collect the following data:

  • Computer/mobile device, operating system, browser data
  • Screen Resolution
  • Country, city (It is not possible to identify the exact location.)
  • The URLs of the subpages you visited
  • Time spent on our website

We use these aggregated data to understand the habits of our website visitors better, which are popular news, articles, videos, and services, and what improvements we should make in the future.

These data are handled by Google. You can read more about Google’s privacy policy here:

Each news item may include embedded content provided by other third-party providers, such as Facebook videos, galleries, Instagram images, and YouTube videos. We do not forward any data to these providers either; service providers may collect anonymized data for themselves.

The privacy policies of our external service providers:




If you have any questions about data protection, please contact us at:

Newsletters sent to press representatives

For the press, we send newsletters through the MailChimp newsletter system that meet the requirements of GDPR. The personal information contained therein (name, email address, press agency), with the consent of the data subject, is handled confidentially, not transferred to a third party and stored exclusively for communication purposes.

Other newsletters, targeted email campaigns

The Hungarian Canoe Association also uses the MailChimp newsletter system to send other newsletters that meet the requirements of GDPR.

These include: event invitations, sports announcements, guides. The personal information contained therein (name, email address, workplace) will be treated confidentially and with the consent of the data subject and will not be transferred to third parties.

MailChimp Privacy Policy:

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