All participants are kindly requested to contact the Hungarian Embassy or consulate in their respective countries (or the closest to you) in time regarding visa requirements. The difficulty of obtaining visa to Hungary varies by regions but you should calculate with a 45-day long issuing period to ensure the safe attainment of the visa.

The typical steps of obtaining visa are as follows:

1) Booking accommodation (Please note, if accommodation booked independently – not via the Organising Committee – Organising Committee can not take any responsibility for rejection of visa issuance)

2) Sending the filled in visa invitation form (downloadable from website)

to the Organising Committee, to

3) Contacting the Hungarian Embassy / Consulate serving in your country /

territory and do the paperwork they request of you

4) Organising Committee requests the booked hotel for verification of stay, if needed

5) Organising Committee sends the letter of invitation along with the verification of stay

to the Hungarian Embassy / Consulate and the National Federation

6) Visa issuance

Please note that the Organising Committee will not send you an invitation letter without knowing your teams’ arrival/departure dates, where you are staying, how many people there are on your team and who they are! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs asks the same information from us so we can not stand up for you without you standing up for yourself by providing this information.

Training camps in Hungary

With its nice calm waters and well-known heritage in the paddling sports, Hungary is a popular location for training camps again in 2019. Because of usual high demand please plan your training camps and contact the Hungarian Canoe Federation ( well in advance so we can prepare you a custom-tailored package complete with transportation and motorboat.

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