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Everyone who has ever visited Szeged agrees that it is a wonderful place and is eager to return again to enjoy the hospitality of the local people. World-class Canoe Sprint Championships taking place on the Maty stream racecourse are one of the reasons sports fans are now considered regular guests in the South Great Plain of Hungary.

Nowadays, there is so much interest in canoeing competitions that sporting events held in the city of Szeged may attract massive crowds. Country-wide and across the globe more and more people want to see the world’s best athletes in person.

There are many athletes, journalists and officials coming to the World Championships, and as a result, there is a limited number of accommodation available for sports fans. Due to the great interest, it is worthwhile to arrange your stay ahead of time, as the large number of Hungarian and foreign guests will soon book all available hotels.

The only way to avoid staring at the “Fully Booked” sign at every hotel reception in Csongrad County in August 2019 is to book early!

This is why the Organizing Committee of the World Championships would like to help the dedicated canoeing fans with their accommodation needs. We can help you choose from a wide range of quality accommodations in Szeged and nearby.

Our expert and helpful colleagues will help you find the perfect solution, as they offer a wide range of accommodation in Szeged and its neighbourhood, which the Organizing Committee also offers with good heart.

For more information, please contact: accommodation@szeged2019.com


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